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The Reformed Broker wrote a new blog post titled Nine Surprising Things Jesse Livermore Said
We are fortunate to be able to learn from his mistakes and to sidestep the errors that eventually cost him everything....
3 hours ago
All About Alpha wrote a new blog post titled Eurekahedge on Japan as an Investment Mandate
Eurekahedge has recently concluded its fifth annual survey of asset managers with mandates to invest in Japan. In the words of Eurekahedge chairman and CEO, Satoshi Iwanaga: “Survey results for 2018 suggest that central bank normalization is still a long way off in Japan, with investors continuing to reduce theirRead More
15 hours ago
Complexity Digest wrote a new blog post titled The Human Takeover: A Call for a Venture into an Existential Opportunity
We propose a venture into an existential opportunity for establishing a world ‘good enough’ for humans to live in. Defining an existential opportunity as the converse of an existential risk—that is, a development that promises to dramatically improve the future of humanity—we argue that one such opportunity is available and should be explored now. The opportunity resides in the moment of transition of the Internet—from mediating information to mediating distributed direct governance in the sense of self-organization. The Internet of tomorrow will mediate the execution of contracts,...
16 hours ago
Complexity Digest wrote a new blog post titled When Robots Get Bored and Invent Team Sports: A More Suitable Test than the Turing Test?
Increasingly, the Turing test—which is used to show that artificial intelligence has achieved human-level intelligence—is being regarded as an insufficient indicator of human-level intelligence. This essay extends arguments that embodied intelligence is required for human-level intelligence, and proposes a more suitable test for determining human-level intelligence: the invention of team sports by humanoid robots. The test is preferred because team sport activity is easily identified, uniquely human, and is suggested to emerge in basic, controllable conditions. To expect humanoid...
18 hours ago
Complexity Digest wrote a new blog post titled Will the New Ring Vaccination Stop the Spread of Ebola?
The World Health Organization (WHO) and news reports are describing the deployment of a new experimental vaccine for Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Originally 4,000 doses were sent to the country, and while the number is growing to 8,000 or more, there are still not enough to widely inoculate the city of Mbandaka with a population of over a million. Reports describe how the vaccine will be used in a "ring vaccination" technique. In ring vaccination, those who are most likely to be infected receive the vaccine. Currently this is being done by inoculating...
20 hours ago
The Reformed Broker wrote a new blog post titled Stocks prices are a proxy for our beliefs about the future
The recitation of a stock's current valuation tells you absolutely nothing about its future price...
21 hours ago
The Practical Quant wrote a new blog post titled The evolution of data science, data engineering, and AI
[A version of this post appears on the O'Reilly Radar.]The O'Reilly Data Show Podcast: A special episode to mark the 100th episode.This episode of the Data Showmarks our 100th episode. This podcast stemmed out of video interviews conducted at O’Reilly’s 2014 Foo Camp. We had a collection of friends who were key members of the data science and big data communities on hand and we decided to record short conversations with them. We originally conceived of using those initial conversations to be the basis of a regular series of video interviews. The logistics of studio interviews proved too...
The Reformed Broker wrote a new blog post titled Clips From Today’s Halftime Report
 Longbow downgrades Shake Shack after big run from CNBC. Stocks pull back, Dow slides triple digits from CNBC. Chesapeake Energy, Twitter, Lionsgate, Goodyear Tire & Target from CNBC....
2 days ago
Complexity Digest wrote a new blog post titled How Many Genes Do Cells Need? Maybe Almost All of Them
An ambitious study in yeast shows that the health of cells depends on the highly intertwined effects of many genes, few of which can be deleted together without consequence. Source:
2 days ago
Complexity Digest wrote a new blog post titled Innovation, Economic Complexity and Economic Geography Workshop
The workshop aims to bring together experienced researchers with young scholars in the fields of Innovation, Economic Complexity and Economic Geography to understand knowledge accumulation and spillovers through products, people and places. Those interested in interdisciplinary research, especially bridging a gap between these topics are strongly encouraged to apply.  Complementary to the workshops provided there will also be young scholar presentations where the invited speakers will provide feedback in their respective relevant sessions.    August 5-7, 2018MIT Media Lab, E14 –...
2 days ago
Complexity Digest wrote a new blog post titled Symbolic Unity, Dynastic Continuity, and Countervailing Power: Monarchies, Republics, and the Economy
We investigate the implications of the persistence of traditional patterns of state organization by examining the relationship between property rights and the economy for monarchies and republics. We argue that, relative to republics, monarchies protect property rights to a greater extent by reducing the negative effects of internal conflict, executive tenure, and executive discretion. In turn, a better protection of property rights results in greater standards of living. Using panel data on 137 countries between 1900 and 2010, we formulate and test a model with endogenous variables....
2 days ago
The Reformed Broker wrote a new blog post titled The Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make with 401(k) Plans
Watch what you're doing. A new video featuring Aaron Schumm and I. ...
2 days ago
The Aleph Blog wrote a new blog post titled The Best of the Aleph Blog, Part 34
Photo Credit: Renaud Camus=========================In my view, these were my best posts written between May 2015 and July 2015:Learning from the Past, Part 5b [Institutional Stock Version]Learning from the Past, Part 5c [Institutional Stock Version]How I did a bad job for Hovde on Scottish Re and National Atlantic Holdings.  Also, what I did to mitigate the errors.  (And I am supposed to be really good with insurance companies…)The SEC Pursues a Fool’s ErrandOn why the Consolidated Audit Trial [CAT] is a bad idea.  Preventing “flash crashes” is not a desirable goal; they...
2 days ago
All About Alpha wrote a new blog post titled Greenwich Associates on Exchange-Listed Options
Greenwich Associates has produced research, commissioned by the Options Industry Council, about the way institutional investors understand exchange listed options. Greenwich concludes that underperforming institutions, including pension plans and endowments, “should be considering investments in options strategies as a means to improve risk-adjusted returns.” Institutions not currently doing so mayRead More
3 days ago
Complexity Digest wrote a new blog post titled Robot Collection and Transport of Objects: A Biomimetic Process
Animals as diverse as ants and humans are faced with the tasks of collecting, transporting or herding objects. Sheepdogs do this daily when they collect, herd, and maneuver flocks of sheep. Here, we adapt a shepherding algorithm inspired by sheepdogs to collect and transport objects using a robot. Our approach produces an effective robot collection process that autonomously adapts to changing environmental conditions and is robust to noise from various sources. We suggest that this biomimetic process could be implemented into suitable robots to perform collection and transport tasks...
3 days ago